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Sites like GiftHulk

There are many rewards sites like GiftHulk. These sites operate on the same premise and that is, you the member do stuff that generates them the site revenue and the site then rewards you with a portion of it. Also you can win rewards through contests and raffles on many of these sites like Gifthulk.

The first site I want to mention has search and win, like GiftHulk it also has many gift card choices and they are instantly sent to you, there is no wait at all. The site is and it’s a very popular rewards site for those who want to earn fast and get their gift card right away. There is videos,view websites,CrowdFlower tasks,offer walls and more.

If you want to get PayPal cash like you do on GiftHulk but even faster and only $1.00 minimum then the site for you is You can earn in many ways and there is also instant amazon codes available. Be sure to also join a rewards site with instant amazons, PayPal and Serve available.

Those three websites are just as easy to join,earn and get paid as GiftHulk.